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  • Name: Quick lime digester
  • No: 6.1.3
  • Date: 2011-04-28
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The digester is adaptable to quick lime ingredients digestion system of the sinter, pellet of steel and other industries.

The digester overcomes many shortcomings of traditional digesting method such as:
1. First, insufficient digesting and uncontrolled water supply that brings low accuracy of the digestive lime amount which is matched into the sinter;
2. Second, the underfiring and overfiring pieces mixed in the quick lime are not easy to rule out. They will make troubles in the mixing system, for example, blocking the ingredient dish and the funnel, causing alkalinity fluctuations or cloth segregation even if the blocking are cleared in time;
3. Third, quick lime digestive hot scattered in the air can't get use;
4. Fourth, the activity of the lime is decreased and pelletizing becomes difficult due to long-time outdoor storage;
5. Fifth, it pollutes the environment and affects the health of production personnel.

while overcoming the shortcomings of artificial quick lime digesting style, the digester is characterized with simple structure, reliable performance, easy operation, accurate mixing, quick speed and no air pollution. The advantages of the machine are as follows:
1. First, total mechanized and semi-automated operation for quick-lime sintering and mixing are Realized, the accuracy of quick-lime mixing is improved;
2. Second, the underfiring and overfiring pieces are removed, the range of quick lime particle size is controlled within 0-5mm, therefore, cloth segregation is prevented, and the mixing accuracy is ensured.
3. Third, the lime is no longer stored in the outdoor environment, the palletizing feature and ratio is improved, the permeability and the output of the sinter is increased.
4. Fourth, since the digesting is made inside the equipment, the digesting hot is utilized and the temperature of the material is higher.

The economical cost of the digester provides convenience either for remolding an old plant or building a new sinter plant.

Table of performance parameters




Spindle speeed(r/min)

Required water pressure(MPa)