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  • Name: TD type plate chain hoist
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  • Date: 2011-05-03
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TD, D type bucket elevator is adaptable to vertical transportation of powder, granular, and small pieces of bulk material with little wearing property like grain, coal, cement, broken mineral ore. The maximum transporting height is 40m. The characteristics of the machine are simple structure, smooth operation, loading of scraping type, centrifugal unloading, material temperature lower than 60℃. TD bucket elevator is designed and manufactured according to JB3926-85, the standard of vertical bucket elevator. TD bucket elevator should be chosen in priority, because it has many kinds of bucket and higher transporting capacity comparing with D type bucket elevator.

Technical parameters

1.The bucket volume listed in the table is calculation volume, transportation capacity is calculated supposing the filling coefficient is 0.6.
2.Function of the bucket elevator hopper:
    The shallow hopper is used to transport damp, agglomerating materials which are difficult to throw such as wet sand, wet coal.
    Deep hopper is used to transport dry, loose materials which are easy to throw such as cement, lump coal, gravel etc.

Order code written
    Order models include: the form of a hopper type and number of a drive up and down the wheelbase (m) fitted around one
    For example: TD315-type, deep bucket Sd, driver, No. C2, the upper and lower wheelbase 20.04rn, the right bucket loading machine model: TD315Sd --- C2 - 20, 4. - The right equipment