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  • Name: TH type plate chain hoist
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  • Date: 2011-05-03
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TH, HL type ring chain bucket elevator is adaptable to transporting powder, granular and small pieces of materials with strong controlled feature for grinding and carving such as grain, coal, cement, broken minerals etc. The maximum transporting height is 40m. The characteristics of the machine are simple structure, smooth operation, loading of scraping type, mixing and gravity discharging, combined sprocket used in rims, easy to change, special-treated chain with extended life span. The bottom device is equipped with automatic tension device to keep constant tension, and to avoid sliding and taking off of the chain. When the hopper is blocked, motion component will be efficiently protected by buffering features. The material temperature should be no more than 250℃. The CTH type should be used in priority as it is designed and manufactured according to the standard of vertical bucket elevator JB3926-85. The connecting dimension of HL bucket elevator are equal to the original HL type, the reliability including chain, sprocket and tension device are the same with TH type.

Technical parameters

1.The bucket volume listed in the table is calculation volume, transportation capacity is calculated supposing the filling coefficient is 0.6.
2.Function of the TH type bucket elevator hopper:
       The mid-deep hopper is used to transport wet viscous material like sugar, wet fine sand etc.
      Deep hopper is used to transport weight, powder and small piece materials such as cement, sand, coal etc.
3.Function of the HL type bucket elevator hopper:
       Shallow round bottom hopper is used to transport damp, agglomerating materials which are difficult to throw such as wet sand, wet coal.
       Deep round bottom hopper is used to transport dry, loose materials which are easy to throw such as cement, lump coal, gravel etc.
4.Calculation of tension force G:40+O.2320•H