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  • Name: Screw conveyer
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  • Date: 2011-04-28
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1.Characteristics and applications

LS screw conveyer is the replacement product of C,X type screw conveyer designed and manufactured according to the standard of screw conveyer JB/T7629-95. The head and tail bearing are moved to the shell, sliding bearing is used as crane bearing, dust-proof sealing device is equipped, the bearing bush is generally made of powder metallurgy. Felt bush is used to convey cement. The crane shaft and screw axis is connected with sliders. The screw can be dispatched without moving the driving device, the crane bearing can be dispatched without moving the screw. The crane bearing can be lubricated without unloading the cover plate. The conveyer is characterized of high reliability, long life-span, good adaptability, easy installation and maintenance. Besides, we can also provide CX type screw conveyer.

Screw conveyer is adaptable to perform level or tilted transportation of powder, particle, and small piece of materials with temperature lower than 200℃ like coal, lime, slag, cement, grain in industries such as building material, chemical plant, power plant, metallurgical plant, coal and grain industry. Screw conveyer is not suitable to transform materials easy to go bad, viscous, and easy to agglomerate.


Specifications and technical parameters of LS, CX screw conveyers are listed in table 1,length From 3.5 to 80m, standard clearance 0.5m, two kinds of driving device, ---C1, single end drive Is chosen when length of screw conveyer is less than 35m; C2, double end drive is chosen when the length of screw conveyer is more than 35m.