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  • Name: NE type plate chain hoist
  • No: 5.1.3
  • Date: 2011-04-28
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The machine is adaptable to vertical transportation of powder, granular, block material, and high abrasive materials with temperature less than 200℃, maximum lifting height 40m. Main characteristics are wide application field, great capacity, low driving power, flow-in type feeding, gravity induced discharging, long life-span, high hoist height, good sealing, smooth and reliable performance, convenience for repair and maintenance, intense and rigid structure, economical operation cost.

Technical parameters

Structure of the hoist
NE type plate chain hoist is composed of operating parts, driving device, top device, central cabinet, and bottom device. The operating part is composed of hopper and sleeve roller chain, single row chain for NE15, NE30, double row chain for NE50-NE800.
Driving mechanism---various kinds of driving combination are provided to meet customer’s requirement, either loading from left side or loading from right side. Driving platform is equipped with maintenance frame and rail.
The top device is composed of double row chain, no-return device, discharge port equipped with back-preventing rubber board.
The central cabinet is equipped with double chain track to prevent the chain from swinging in work.
The bottom device is equipped with automatic tension device.

Power equipment of the hoist
The maximum capacity, the maximum lifting height, and the power equipment of NEl5、NE30、NE50、NEl00、NEl50、NE200、NE300、NE400 hoist.