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  • Name: Dry ash bulk machine
  • No: 9.1.2
  • Date: 2011-04-28
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Dry ash bulk machine is used to load dry and bulk material into tank car in power plant, building material industry, chemical plant and food industry. In power plant, it is mainly used to load fly ash under ash hopper of dry dust catcher or store of fly ash gray library. The loading stops automatically when the car is full. The machine can be combined with feeding facilities to realize automatic loading and unloading process

Principal technical parametere
    loading and unloading capacity l00t/h
    transmitting motor No. Y100-6(1.5KW)
    diameter of feed tube 300mm
    Bulk head trip 800-1300mm
    lifting speed of the bulk head 7.8m/min
    motor of the air blower Y90L-2(2.2KW)
    overall dimension (L*W*H) 2200x 900x 3230(3880)

Main structural features:
    The machine is composed of transmitting system, loose rope institutions, fan, feeding funnel, mid-connecting tube, feeding tube, dust-collecting tube, approaching switch, conical valve and electrical control device. (see figure 1)
    The machine characterized with simple and tight structure, reliable and easy maintenance, high efficiency of loading, low dust pollution, stable and accurate control of loading position, is ideal equipment for loading of bulk materials.