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  • Name: Scraper conveyer
  • No: 5.1.4
  • Date: 2011-04-28
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 1.  Scaper conveyer is a kind of bulk material transporting equipment operated with the movement of scraper chain. The characteristic of the machine is simple structure, light weight, small volume, well-sealed, convenient repair and maintenance. It can perform level, vertical and tilt conveying. The process arrangement is so flexible that loading and discharging can be done in multi positions. Closed operation avoids environment pollution. Impact resistant relay immediately switches off the power to protect the machine when overloading occurs. The new scraper conveyer developed by our company successfully solved the problem of head residual material and end residual material by extending the head discharging hopper, adding discharging pat device, using wide cavity discharging hopper, and Increase the bending arc radius. The overall dimensions are generally the same with ordinary scraper conveyer, but the technical performance is better.

 2.  Range of application: density 0.2-1.8t/m3, temperature lower than 100℃, proper moisture content :Stay loose after clenching by hand.. Ordinary scraper conveyer is adaptable to transport crushed coal, lime, cement, food, fertilizer etc., but inadaptable to transport materials with property of high temperature, toxic, explosive, adhesive, strong property of suspension and liquidity, extremely fragile and brittle.