Quality Assurance System

The company is engaged in providing equipment for crushing, grinding, conveying, sieving, feeding, coal handling and using coke breeze in mixing coal for many enterprises in the industries of metallurgy, mining, coal, electric power, building materials and chemicals. Additionally, it has strong capacity of R&D, design, manufacture and service and holds many patents and proprietary technology. It is committed to providing a multitude of major technology equipment for domestic projects and the products are also exported to other countries and regions.

It always sticks to the quality management concept of “quality is the basis of survival and the eternal theme of enterprise development”, accelerates scientific progress, optimizes internal management, improves product quality and boosts competitiveness.

1. The company establishes and optimizes the quality management system and thus ensures quality to build an international brand.
⑴ It sets up a perfect quality management system and continually optimizes it by following the principle of continuous improvement. In the course of establishing, implementing and maintaining the quality management system, it continues to study and use advanced management modes. By adopting “process approach”, it further identifies and defines the process of setting up enterprise management system, and defines sequence and interaction. As a result, it prepares an array of documents concerning management systems and enhances effectiveness and efficiency of the enterprise management system in the light of GB/T19001-2000 Quality Management System and its actual operation and management mode.
⑵ It attaches importance to standardization work and continues to popularize and apply advanced international standard. Additionally, it incorporates advanced domestic and foreign technology into product design, takes out a patent on BTA Coke Breeze Pulverizer and R&D complete sets of equipment for using coke breeze in mixing coal. 
⑶ It gives prominence to building a well-known brand and centers on improvement in product quality and work quality by continuously raising staff’s quality awareness and improving work and product quality. As a result, it has improved product quality, which lays a solid foundation for building a well-known brand.

2. The company attaches importance to quality management on production sites and in manufacturing process

After products are designed, produced on a trial basis and officially put into production, manufacturing quality control will determine finished product quality. To that end, the company continues to refine manufacturing quality control process.

⑴ Strengthen the management of overall process
To tighten technical discipline, refine manufacturing quality control process, keeps control of manufacturing process, come up with technological innovations and improve technology.
⑵ Strengthen technical inspection
To ensure product quality, it needs to inspect raw materials, work in process, semi-finished products, finished products and manufacturing process, avoid using substandard raw materials, non-conforming work in process, non-conforming semi-finished products and off-specification parts and prohibit rejects from leaving the factory.

⑶Strengthen the management of non-conforming products
①To set up standards of disposing non-conforming products and establish a sound original record system;
②To convene non-conforming product analysis conference regularly, identify the underlying cause for non-conforming products and take effective measures;
③To do a good job in non-conforming product statistics and analysis and classify non-conforming products into rejects and reprocessed products etc. according to original quality record;
④To open technical file on non-conforming products and facilitate discovering the principle of producing and transforming rejects, laying a solid foundation for taking precautions in a planned way;
⑤To strengthen process quality control and total quality management, solve problems in a timely way before producing non-conforming products and avoid manufacturing non-conforming products.

3. The company takes advantage of brand competitiveness, establishes intimate relationships with customers, enhances customers’ loyalty and attracts prospective customers

It implements corporate culture strategy, caters for customers, comes up with innovations and attaches importance to talent management. Among them, catering for customers is the core values. It attaches importance to after-sales services, builds a professional after-sales service team which provides timely, considerate and satisfactory after-sales services for customers and caters for customers in the process of onsite opening container, running through checklist, installing and testing equipment, technical training and solving problems etc. As a result, it won recognition from customers who sent pennants and wrote commendatory letters.
It aims to build a well-known service brand, pursues excellence and makes continuous improvement.

4. The company uses benchmarking brand management modes and builds a learning team which attaches importance to quality

The company views the performance and practices of product and service quality as benchmarks, sets up study and pursuit goal, makes quantitative evaluation and comparison between its actual status of quality management and these benchmarks by means of data collection, follow-up study and comparative analysis, analyzes the causes for top quality, improves product quality, develops optimal service strategy, beats rivals and finally notches up success.
It strengthens quality management, improves product quality, boosts competitiveness and makes a contribution to promoting stable and rapid economic growth.